Open Volunteer Opportunities

Would you like an opportunity to interact more with others or join a team? Do you have the skills needed? If so, please put your name forward now to serve your club in one of these open positions:

  • Nominating Committee members
  • Communication Team members
  • Membership and Volunteers Team members

Help share the workload and keep our club running smoothly -- and help prevent burnout. Practice and hone your skills, and learn more while you're at it!

Please see the SAPC Newsletter of February 25 for more details.

See also our new postings of board member job descriptions and nominating committee mandate.

Member News, Reminders and Developments

Coming Events and Reminders

Apr 29 Organized outdoor play starts. See calendar.
Apr 30             2018-19 memberships expire. Renew by following the procedures attached to this newsletter.
Apr 30 Ladder play starts. See Organized Play Rules for registration contact.
May 10 Volunteer Appreciation Event
May 18 SAPC Fun Social Tournament.  See newsletter.
Jun 24 Annual General Meeting

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