Open Play

At Open Play events, players who attend are free to play with whomever they wish. If there are more players than available court space, a paddle box may be used to ensure everyone has a chance to play. However, this does not mean that players are forced to immediately put their paddles into the box every time they come off the court; they have the option of withholding their paddles until a later time in order to play people of their choice. If you attend an Open Play event, please do not take it personally if someone withholds their paddle to play with someone else rather than you.

Paddle Box Play

Paddle Box Play events are essentially the same as Open Play events, except that the expectation is that players will not withhold paddles. Once you come off the court, you are expected to put your paddle into the appropriate box and play with the next players whose paddles are with yours. This helps ensure everyone gets a fair chance to play with everyone else.

If you feel uncomfortable playing with certain players, please do not attend a Paddle Box Play event.


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