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The St. Albert Pickleball Club is a registered non-profit society that supports pickleball in St. Albert for its members. The club organizes indoor and outdoor venues within the city for members, provides lessons, and supports development and growth of the sport in the city and in general.  As of May 2019, the club has more than 450 members.


In the summer of 2014, a small group who had learned the sport of pickleball during the winter months in the US approached the City of St. Albert asking about plans for growing pickleball in the city. On advice from the city, the group formed a non-profit society, with Bill McDonald having the honour of filing the application to register the group as the St. Albert Pickleball Club.

Twenty-six pickleballers held the first club meeting on October 7, 2014 at the Larose Courts rink shack. Bill McDonald, Wayne Richardson, Ron Korotash, Miki Melnyk and Stella Rafuse were selected as interim directors.

Needing indoor venues for the winter months, the club found gym space for indoor play at Red Willow Community Church and then found more indoor space at local schools for evening play. The outdoor Larose Courts were refurbished in 2016 and additional courts were added.

With the unprecedented growth, it wasn’t long before the club was petitioning the city for more outdoor courts. Meetings with Recreation and Parks resulted in a proposal to refurbish the tennis courts in the Alpine neighbourhood into twelve tournament-quality pickleball courts and make it the permanent home of the St Albert Pickleball Club. City council approved the proposal and budgeted $276,900 to refurbish the courts with completion in August 2018.

Whether you are young or old, we invite you to come join us and play pickleball -- North America’s fastest-growing sport!


St Albert Pickleball Club is a place where members can be physically active, and will help create a healthy community by using Pickleball play as recreation, as a sport, and as a wholesome way to meet and interact with people.


To promote and develop the sport of pickleball in St. Albert through: securing venues and equipment for all seasons play; developing skills and mentoring; providing affordable recreational and competitive play at various levels; and promoting community through social aspects with club events.


Inclusiveness; civil, open, and honest communication; and providing wellbeing through engagement in healthy, social and physical activity.


As a non-profit society, the club is governed by various bylaws, which can be viewed here.

Code of Conduct

Every person involved with the St. Albert Pickleball Club must adhere to the Code of Conduct, which can be viewed here

Board of Directors


Vice President



Eileen McClean 

Gary Marcellus

Candace Morgan

Ray Keroack

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Director Equipment

Director at Large

Director at Large

Claude Michaud

Douwe Spriensma

Carolyn Ross