Club Play Locations

The St. Albert Pickleball Club offers play year- round either indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather.  Outdoor season is typically between May and October.  Members can play at the club’s outdoor venues for free, but must pay a nominal drop in fee to play at most indoor venues.  Please note that the outdoor courts at Larose and Alpine are owned and managed by the city, however only members of the St Albert Pickleball Club are permitted to play at club sponsored events on these courts.

Year-round (indoor)

Red Willow Community Church, 15 Corriveau Avenue, St. Albert

Warm weather (outdoor)

Larose Courts, 139 Larose Drive, St. Albert

Alpine Courts, 36 Alpine Blvd, St. Albert

Cold weather (indoor)

Sturgeon Heights School, 50 Hogan Road, St. Albert

Vital Grandin School, 39 Sunset Boulevard, St. Albert

J J Nearing School, 196 Deer Ridge Drive, St. Albert

Northpointe Church, 14025 – 167 Avenue, Edmonton