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All members are encouraged to fill in any ratings fields that apply. Completion of all fields that apply is required to enter any local or regional tournament or to play in our club at a 3.5 level or higher. Please update this information in your membership profile as your skills develop.

  • •“Self Rating” should be the higher of your tournament ratings or the level you normally play in club-organized paddle play or round robins.
  • • See for ratings descriptions.
  • • Beginners should self-rate themselves 2.0 unless and until they have sufficient experience playing with other rated players to self-rate themselves at a higher level.
  • • Club-rated and tournament-rated levels should only be specified if you’ve been formally rated by a certified professional or at a sanctioned tournament.
  • • The SAPC club controls the “SAPC Club Rating” field, and will update it for the member when the member completes an official club rating clinic.


In a club this size it is important that each and every one of our members step up at some point to volunteer. Please check off the box(s) for the activity for which you would like to volunteer.

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Upon pressing “Process Application” below, you will be taken to a secure payment site. On the first page, most users will select the SECOND option, which is to pay by credit card or Visa debit card. No PayPal account is required to use the second option, even though your credit or debit card payment will be processed by PayPal.

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