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2020 Advanced Skill Development

SAPC is pleased to be able to offer a series of sessions in November and December 2020 to 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0-rated players who want to keep having fun this indoor season and take advantage of a great opportunity for some coaching by Jorge Quintero.  

The series of sessions is being advertised to 3.0 and higher rated players the week of October 11 2020 and play commences Nov 3 and Nov 5 for those lucky enough to register into the limited number of spots available. See our new B-Active calendar and the Oct 12 Newsletter for more details.  See also the Play page for  further information on the B-Active Badminton Club and its location.

These sessions are only reservable by SAPC members. 

For these sessions, we are pleased to partner with Jorge as our play lead and coach.

Jorge comes to pickleball with a squash background, where he managed to achieve some of the top rankings in Canada and around the world as a Junior player.

Jorge was a double Gold Medalist at the Pan-American Junior Championships in Mexico. He also placed in the top 4 in big world tournaments such as the US Junior Open and the Scottish Junior Open. Jorge competed in squash all his Junior years and coached the provincial squash team that won gold at the provincial games. 

Not long ago Jorge was introduced to pickleball by his former squash sponsor and instantly got hooked into the sport.  He started training and competing in pickleball and has had great achievement in the past 3 years. Jorge has won multiple gold medals in sanctioned tournaments in the highest level of pickleball, Level 5.0, in both Men’s doubles and Mixed doubles. He’s also a Gold Medalist in singles at level 4.5.  Jorge is also a World Ambassador for the International Federation of Pickleball.

Jorge has helped with pickleball clinics and training programs in some cities around Canada and is currently training some high level local players. Jorge loves coaching and instructing and has had 15 years experience doing this from his former sport. He also developed his own training program to get people to move up a level. 

Jorge believes that a good pickleball player is able to deliver all shots accurately, have a strong defense, be offensive when presented with an opportunity and be mentally strong, and that’s where he wants to get you.


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