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Welcome to the St. Albert Pickleball Club (SAPC)

Members: click the head and shoulders* icon in the top right corner to log-in and view your profile. After logging in, you will see items under the Members menu. Go to Members > Store to buy indoor play stickers(*On a smartphone, this icon may be an arrow.)

If you haven't already done so, you can renew your membership for 2024:

  • To join or renew with our club you must use TWO different websites: the Pickleball Canada website and this one.  (Optional: Do you want to know why? See this FAQ page on Pickleball Canada (PCO) Membership.)
  • Go to SAPC on Pickleball Canada  and renew there, then
  • On this site: log in > go to your profile > press the "Renew to 2025-01-01" button.

Potential Members: Everyone 12 years of age or more are welcome! Press the Join button to learn how to use the automated signup and payment processes.


See our Explore Joining menu to get your frequently asked questions (FAQs) answered or to sign up for a free beginner's lesson!

Once you've joined our friendly club, you'll be able to log in to this site as a member.  

Sorry - No Visitors this Indoor Season

  • With our growing number of club members, our available indoor playtimes have become insufficient to accommodate visitors.  Please either join our club or check back here next spring -- in preparation for the outdoor season.

Fee Summary - 2024

You will first pay $25 and a small processing fee to join Pickleball Canada and Pickleball Alberta, then adults will pay $52.38 ($55 with GST) to join SAPC for the 2024 membership year. Youth members have a reduced SAPC fee of $12.38 ($13 with GST).

These 2024 memberships are available online only,  and will expire on December 31 2024.

Our annual fee is non-refundable.  Don't hesitate to join though -- pickleball is lots of fun, great exercise, and a wonderful opportunity to socialize and make new friends. 

Once you join as a member, you will have the opportunity, on this site, to buy a card of 20 stickers for $67 ($3.35 each).  The cost for members to play at one of our drop-in indoor school venues is one sticker. See our Indoor Play article on our Play Types page for prices at other venues. 

See also our FAQ under the Explore Joining menu for more details.

News for You

Self-Organized DUPR Games
and DUPR Reliability

Question:  The SAPC Skill Levels and Ratings webpage says that one may use their DUPR rating as the basis for applying for a club rating, and that SAPC will recognize such a DUPR rating if the player has played in 20 or more games recorded in DUPR.  Can these 20 games be self-organized?

Answer:  Yes, at present, the 20 games may be any combination of:

  • Self-organized games (with others who have DUPR profiles and agree to have their games results recorded in DUPR),
  • SAPC DUPR rating session (aka “Aspiring to 3.0”) or DUPR Play Shootouts,
  • DUPR sessions run by other clubs or at other pickleball venues.

But this may change in the future. Recall that SAPC, like many other clubs, is still in the experimental stage in terms of using DUPR, and DUPR itself is new and undergoing frequent changes. 

One of DUPR’s newest innovations is the use of a reliability indicator that specifies, in percentage terms, the confidence that DUPR has in the accuracy of the cited rating for a player. 

In the following snippet of a player's DUPR performance page, you can see this person currently has a Doubles DUPR rating of 5.015 and a reliability indicator of 74 out of 100. So DUPR has 74% confidence in the 5.015 rating.

To boost your DUPR reliability, do one or more of the following:

  • enter more games into DUPR -- recency of games also counts;
  • play with many players, not just a few; and
  • play with others who already have a high DUPR reliability.

Also, club-entered DUPR games boost your reliability much faster than self-entered games.

SAPC is currently analyzing DUPR reliability to see if this tool can and should be used as further criteria for gaining a club rating or for moving one’s club rating up.

    Membership Sales & Renewals for 2025

    2024 memberships are effective immediately after payment and expire Dec 31 2024.

    Renew your Pickleball Canada and Pickleball Alberta membership BEFORE renewing your SAPC membership. The PCO and PA memberships are purchased on a separate system. See this webpage under the Explore Joining menu for more details.

    After renewing with PCO and PA, log back into this site and go to our Join page to join or renew. You can also renew by opening your profile and pressing the "Renew to 2025-01-01" button within your profile.

    Youth Membership

    SAPC welcomes youth members 12 years of age or older. See our youth membership web page for more details.

    Want more news?

    See our newsletters.

    Ratings - Introduction

    The best play is usually play with others matched to your skill level so, like most other clubs, much of our play is organized by skill level.  Those without a club rating can play in our 2.5 level games or in our "All" (All Play) sessions.

    See our Skill Levels and Ratings webpages for info on getting a rating or advancing your rating.

    Skills Chart

    What skills should you learn and practice to reach the next level? Check out this chart from Pickleball Canada.

    2024 DUPR Play and Getting a Rating

    One of the ways to get or advance your rating is by participating in the club's DUPR play.

    This outdoor season the club is offering:

    • "Aspiring to" DUPR play for those wanting to establish a club rating or move from the 2.5 club rating level to the 3.0 level, and
    • Regular DUPR play for those already at the 3.0 and 3.5 club rating.

    Are you worried that changes to your DUPR rating will affect your club rating?  Worry no more. Your DUPR rating will move up and down based on your DUPR play, but this will NOT affect your club rating until and unless you ask for your club rating to be adjusted. 

    If and when you ask, your club rating will be reset up or down to match your DUPR rating. There is one exception to this:

    • if you participate in the club's "Aspiring to" sessions, 
    • you currently have NO club rating, AND
    • you've just completed your 20th DUPR game, 
    the club will automatically set your initial club rating based on that DUPR rating.  

    For more info, see these pages:

    IPTPA Rating

    Question:  The SAPC Skill Levels and Ratings webpage says one way to get a 3.0 SAPC club rating is to get rated by an IPTPA Certified Rating Specialist. What does this mean and where can I find one?

    Answer:  In addition to certifying pickleball teachers, the International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association (IPTPA) has worked to standardize pickleball skill evaluations and certify raters who can perform evaluations based on the IPTPA skill levels. Certified Rating Specialists (CRSs) in Alberta can be found by:

      • Going to
      • Pressing Canada, then entering “Alberta” in the State box
      • Scrolling through the search results and locating people with the CRS designation (CRS-4 or CRS-5)

    As of June 1 2024, there are four people with the CRS-4 designation in the Edmonton area. Each of these can be contacted via message sent though the webpage specified above.

    If a member uses this option as the basis for an application to the club for a club rating, it is the responsibility of the member to ensure their rating specialist has this recognized IPTPA CRS-4 or CRS-5 designation.

    Do you want to know ...

    ... where we play?  Click on the top-level Play menu, then click on one of the location names to get an address and a Google map.

    ... about the color-coding and other features of our calendars? Click on the top-level Calendar menu.

    ... how our club works?  Click on the top-level Club Mgmt menu.

    Volunteer Opportunities

    More Categories in Your Profile

    Volunteering for your club is a great way to meet more people, and it is so satisfying to give back -- to contribute to a great organization and help your fellow members.

    There are now more volunteer areas identified at the end of your membership profile. Log into your profile and pick your areas of interest. Training is available for all teams and positions.

    The next time we need more volunteers in a particular area we will first go to those who have declared an interest via their profile.


    All Play and Rated Play

    Any member, whether club rated or not, may attend a session designated in our calendars as "All Play" or "2.5"

    If play is rated to a specific level, such as 3.0, 3.5 or 4.0, players must be rated at the designated level to play at that session.  If a session is designated with a "+" sign, such as "3.0+" or "3.5+" then attending members must be rated at that level or higher.

    For more info on ratings, read our Skill Levels and Ratings page.

    Organized Play Types and Times

    If you are a new member, you may be wondering how our organized play works.  Well we have several types of organized play. Most play types are described here. Reserved play is described here.

    Play times are in one or more of our many calendars. Watch these calendars and our news for season openings, closing and any changes.

    Outdoor play generally runs from late April or early May to early October at our Alpine courts.  Here's the calendar for Alpine. 

    Court locations are here.

    Board Members

    Eileen McClean

    President & Venue Manager

    Douwe Spriensma

    Vice President

    Jenna McCully


    Laura Spencer


    Jeanine Au

    Director at Large

    Roger Hutlet

    Director of Communications

    Arthur Au

    Director of Membership and Volunteers

    Ken Dentzien

    Director at Large

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