Organized Play and Visitors

Check out the calendar for April 29th and beyond. YEE-HAW!  Organized OUTDOOR play starts again!  Thanks to Eileen, Carolyn, Candace, Claude, the rest of the board, ladder organizers Jim, Dave and Renee, several other captains, and everyone else stepping forward to make this happen.  Note that some sessions still need captains though - check out this newsletter to see our opportunities for captain volunteering.

The calendar has some new event types on it. So what is Kings/Queens of the Court, how does Round Robin work, and how do you register for Ladder Play?  Check out our new Organized Play Rules and Procedures for answers to these questions and for other play definitions, rules and SAPC conventions. 

Would you like to bring a friend, or have your visiting son or daughter play with you for a session or two? We have found that visitors make up less than 2% of our indoor players, and being good neighbors, we now welcome visitors to some of our morning and afternoon outdoor sessions.  We know, however, that our outdoor evening events will be overscribed by members alone, so these are marked as Members Only on the calendar.  For further information, check out our new Visitors Policy

Got an idea? Your board is interested in your on-going input. We are continually updating and fine-tuning play schedules, policies, rules -- all to enhance your fun and enjoyment. Some board member email addresses are now listed on the bottom of the About Us page.

Membership has its privileges! If you are not a member, you won't be able to access information at the above links. And if your membership expired April 30 -- please renew it before attending any Members Only sessions.


Welcome to the St. Albert Pickleball Club website.

If you've not already played pickleball at all, you are in for a real treat!  See our Training menu and sign up for a free beginner's lesson, but get in line because we have a lot of newcomers and this is a very popular activity!

Once you've joined our friendly club, you'll be able to log in to this site as a member. You must log in to see all the options available under the Membership menu. These options enable you to see and edit your profile, order sticker cards for indoor play, read our policies and newsletters, and more.

The sign-up process and payment process is fully automated through this site -- see the the online registration under the Membership menu > New Members.

Caution for New Members

Fees are not prorated. Our annual fee of $30 is very low. To keep it that way and to make the best use of our volunteers' time, payments are not refundable.

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