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Welcome to the St. Albert Pickleball Club

Members - the first time you visit here: click the icon of the head and shoulders in the top right corner, enter your email address, and click "forgot password."  Go to your email, get your new password and use it to log in.

Members - on subsequent visits: click the head and shoulders icon to log-in, see your profile, and change your password if your wish. After logging in, you will see items under the Members menu. Go to Members > Store to buy indoor play stickers.

Potential Members: If you've not already played pickleball at all, you are in for a real treat!  See our Explore Joining menu to get your frequently asked questions (FAQs) answered. Then sign up for a free beginner's lesson, but get in line because we have a lot of newcomers and this is a very popular activity!

Once you've joined our friendly club, you'll be able to log in to this site as a member.  The sign-up and payment process is fully automated through this site.  

Join today!

Visitors who have a player's rating from another club: You can come and check us out at a session that matches your player's rating. Details on how to pay and our expectations are in our Visitors Policy.  Note that the cost to purchase two sticker from another member is now $6.70.

Fee Summary

Our annual fee of $30 is very low, but non-refundable.  Don't hesitate to join though -- pickleball is lots of fun, great exercise, and a wonderful opportunity to socialize and make new friends.  Once you join as a member, you will have the opportunity, on this site, to buy a card of 20 stickers for $67 ($3.35 each).  The cost to play at a drop-in indoor venue is one sticker for members, two for guests of members.  The cost to play at a reserved sessions is two stickers, and these sessions are members only.  

See our FAQ under the Explore Joining menu for more details.

News for you 

NOT Business As Usual

These are definitely trying times.  We feel your pain, we share your anguish.  But we also know, and hope you know, that we can all get through this.  Our world, our communities, our families, and we as individuals can and will get through these trying times.  

It is definitely NOT business as usual, in any part of our lives.  But knowing we will get through this, we carry on with our planning, with our caring, and our doing.  Perhaps, for some of us, "carrying on" is therapy -- a diversion. For others, it is confidence, or duty, or honour, or love for our fellow pickleball player and fellow inhabitant of this small planet.  Whatever the reason, we hope you know that all our actions, are carried out with you, our members, in our hearts.

Be well, stay safe and stay strong.

Your caring board,

Eileen, Gary, Douwe, Ray, Claude, and Gary.


For the health and safety of our members and the public, SAPC is suspending all club-organized play, tournaments, clinics, and mentoring sessions, effective immediately (as of March 15), until further notice.

We will post norices and email members when play resumes.

Welcome Gary Spencer, Director of Communications

We welcome Gary Spencer, our new Communications Director. Gary, a new and active club member, graciously and generously offered his time to serve on our board. We quickly jumped at the opportunity to take advantage of his expertise in communications, business management, and strategic planning, not to mention his information technology skills.

As is our practice, Gary was informally interviewed by our Nominating Committee Chair (thanks Mike Bowen) and at our March 28 online board meeting, he was unanimously voted in. 

We are very much looking forward to working with Gary and spreading the workload out even more -- an objective recommended by our whole Nominating Committee (thanks also to Candace and John!)

Non-Profit Status

Did you know that the Canadian Revenue Agency has particular rules organizations must follow to maintain their non-profit status?Yes they do!

One of those rules is that volunteers cannot be remunerated or compensated for their volunteer work efforts or time. So this literally means -- no free lunch for volunteers (and no free play time for captains, for example).

It is important that we maintain our non-profit status to qualify for some grants and to avoid the burden of having to file and pay income taxes.

Thanks to all our volunteers.  You willingly give your time to help our fellow members. You keep our club functioning and prospering, and you are the creators of all the fun we have!  We are  proud to be connected to you.

Do you want to know ...

... where we play?  Click on the top-level Play menu, then click on one of the location names to get a Google map.

... about the color-coding and other features of our calendars? Click on the top-level Calendar menu.

... how our club works?  Click on the top-level Club Mgmt menu.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Needed: Equipment Manager or Coordinator

You may have noticed that we are working to spread the work around, making each volunteer position lighter in terms of duties and easier to handle than it may have been in the past.

Watch this space for our next job description - that of Equipment Manager or Equipment Coordinator.  Details coming soon.


Organized Play and Visitors

Would you like to bring a friend, or have your visiting son or daughter play with you for a session or two? We have found that visitors make up less than 2% of our indoor players, and being good neighbors, we welcome visitors to many of our indoor and outdoor sessions.  Check our calendar on this site, and bring a guest to any session that doesn't say "Members Only."  Of course, guests should also have the skill level required for the session, for sessions designated at the 3.0 level or higher.

We Need You at Sturgeon on Sundays

On alternate Sundays, the play at Sturgeon Heightsis 3.0+ and 3.5+.  Throughout January and half-way into February, attendance has typically been so low that we can't even fill the courts. So if you are looking for maximum play time, this the event for you!

Is 9:00 am too early for you?  Then come at 9:30 or 10:00!  There's still lots of play time, right up to 11:45 am.

Board Members

Eileen McClean

President & Venue Manager


Gary Marcellus

Vice President


Douwe Spriensma



Ray Keroack



Tamas Virag

Director of Membership and Volunteers, Web Manager


Gary Spencer

Director of Communications


Claude Michaud

Director at Large, Equipment Coordinator


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