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  • 2022-09-19 11:57 | Anonymous

    In this issue:

     September "Fun" Tournament - Thank Yous  Indoor Play
     Level 1 Sports - New Venue  Credits on your Account
     2023 Memberships  

    SAPC Fall Windup Tournament 

    Thank you Ken and your team of volunteers for another successful "Fun" tournament a couple of weekends ago.  A great time was had by all those who attended and we appreciate all of the work done by volunteers to make this event a great success.  If you want to see pictures taken at the venue and learn more about who earned medals at this event, we would encourage you to visit the SAPC Facebook group page.

    Indoor Play

    Many of you who've had such great fun playing this whole summer are asking, "when does fall indoor play start and where are we playing?"  Others of you have perhaps been too busy enjoying other pursuits, but are also eager to start some indoor play.  Well, read on for all the answers we have so far!


    We're happy to say that we will again provide organized club play at Red Willow, Bertha Kennedy, Joseph Demko, Sister Alphonse, JJ Nearing and Holy Family.  

    We've also secured two new venues this year - Lois Hole School and Level 1 Sports (see separate article on Level 1 Sports below). 

    Unfortunately, things haven't worked out for Sturgeon School nor North Pointe Community Church, but we're always on the look out for more reasonably priced venues to give you as many play opportunities as possible.

    Indoor play will begin in late September or early October at our various indoor venues.  You may receive e-mails with more specifics as details are worked out regarding dates, times and rating levels for the various venues that have been secured.  The best source of information will always be the Calendar information available on the SAPC website.  You should note that for the school venues that have been secured, those Calendars are now visible on the SAPC website.   As well, please consider the fact that the available play days at each school venue may change from month to month, so you should always be checking the on line Calendar (eg. Bertha Kennedy only offers two Fridays per month - you cannot assume that play will occur every Friday evening).

    It bears repeating - the most accurate and up-to-date information on upcoming indoor play is in those Calendars which you can access by clicking on this link If you  are not familiar with these Calendars, here's what you need to know:

    • your Club website has a Calendar menu and Calendar page for each of our venues,
    • the combined "Indoor" Calendar shows all the advertised indoor play, all on one page,
    • the "Reserved Play" Calendar shows all reservable sessions and reservable series play
    • the Calendar for each level (eg. 3.0) shows all the play that players at that level can either drop in for or reserve

    Many thanks to Eileen our Venue Manager for all of her hard work in negotiating and securing these venues for our growing number of members - we really appreciate having so many indoor play options as the cold weather sets in.  As well, Ray and Carol have done a tremendous job in getting all of the relevant play session details into the SAPC website using the software that is available for this purpose - this is not easy and takes a lot of time and dedication!


    The Club has grown tremendously in recent months and some of those new members may not be aware that stickers are our currency of choice for indoor play.  If you do not already have a supply of stickers, they may be purchased by logging into the SAPC website and clicking on this link.  If you have a past supply of stickers you should note that they do not expire and may still be used. 

    Generally speaking, players must bring one sticker to drop in play sessions and two stickers are required for reserved play (eg. Red Willow Church).


    Please note that Captains are needed for the following play sessions:

    • the ALL session on Fridays at Holy Family School 
    • the 3.0 session at Bertha Kennedy on Friday evenings
    • the Saturday 2.5 session at Bertha Kennedy 
    • the Saturday ALL session at Bertha Kennedy

    If you are interested in volunteering to be a captain, please do so by emailing VenueManager@pickleballstalbert.ca and advising which session you would like to captain.

    Please note that Captain Clinics will be taking place at Red Willow Church on September 29th at 9:30 am and 6:00 pm.  These sessions will provide a review for all past captains and new captains will learn out procedures and be provided with other relevant information.

    Many thanks to all of our captains and volunteers - we could not run these sessions without you generously offering your time and support.


    Please note that for ALL indoor venues players must bring and use only indoor shoes.  No outdoor shoes are permitted beyond the foyer/entrance to these facilities.

    Series Play - Level 1 Sports (New Venue)

    You could say we were lucky to get this new venue, but good luck often goes to those who are prepared.  And it was Eileen's diligence with another of our sports affiliates that resulted in this lead - it was her pursuit of that lead that landed us this great opportunity.  Thanks Eileen!

    For more information about this new venue including its location please click on this link.

    As you may have noticed, we are announcing Series Play by direct email to each member qualified to register in that series.  For example, all members with a 3.5 consolidated club rating are getting an email for each 3.5 series play session.  If you haven't seen these emails, check your junk or spam folder.  If needed, designate that mail as "safe" or designate the sender's email address to be a safe sender.  If you've opted out of getting emails you would need to opt back in.

    Now that Eileen has secured this new venue, we just have to fill up our proposed play times so we can hold onto this golden opportunity.  How do we do that?  By quickly filling (selling) all available reservable slots in our series play.  So, if you haven't already seen some emails from us on this venue:

    1.  Go to the Level 1 Sports Calendar and flip ahead to October,
    2.  Find a series that is at your level, read the details carefully, and reserve and pay for your spot.
    3.  If you are interested in a series but it is full, add your name to the waiting list as some cancellations are expected.  If you are at the top of the waiting list you will get an automatic email inviting you to pay to fill an open spot - please be quick because our system will offer the spot to the next member on the list if you don't respond
    4.  If you don't yet see a series for you, check back later or watch your email.   We are releasing more as soon as the current ones fill up.

    So far, based both on the actual reservations we're seeing and based on email requests to our Venue Manager (Eileen), we're offering or planning to offer:

    •  Series A:  a Monday morning series of 6 weekly plays for 24 to 26 players at the 3.5 club consolidated rating level,
    •  Series B:  a Tuesday* morning series of 6 weekly plays for 24 to 26 4.0+'s (4.0, 4.5 and 5.0)
    •  Series C1 and C2:  a Wednesday* morning series of 6 weekly plays for 13 3.5's; and another for 13 4.0+s
    •  Series D1 and D2:  a Thursday* morning series of 6 weekly plays for 13 3.0+ (3.0 and 3.5); and another for 13 All play (unrated players or players at any level)
    Note:  Some sessions on a series may be on a different day or a different time; always read the event details before registering.

    The above series all start the week of October 10th and end the week of November 16th.  We will also offer series E, F, G and H which will run from the week of Nov 21 to December 12.  We will likely start advertising these sessions during the third week of October - just after the first series have started up.

    We will have to cancel any series that does not completely fill 18 to 20 days before the first session in that series.  You should note that if the club cancels, you will get a refund. 

    How does Level 1 Sports compare to other indoor venues and play opportunities, you ask?   Well:

    •  The tetraflex sports floor is better for pickleball than either concrete or plywood,
    •  There is ample room around each court for those "around the post" shots and running serves,
    •  Each set of 2 courts has a divider to contain balls,  
    •  You get maximum play time in your two hours, and
    •  You get to play with the very friendly members of our great club (all rated the same way you are!)
    •  The cost per session of our series play is less than, say, the drop in rate at a local city facility 

    What does SAPC series play at Level 1 Sports cost?

    •  A series of 6 play sessions costs $47.62 ($50 with GST)
    •  A series of 4 play sessions costs $32.38 ($34 with GST)

    Credits on your Account

    If you have a club credit, be sure to use that credit in your next club purchase.  The credit can be used for reserved series play, membership fees, sticker cards or other items sold through our Wild Apricot website.  To use your credit, follow the process on our "Member Help FAQ" page, under the Members menu (you must be logged in to see that page).

    2023 Memberships

    2023 Memberships may be purchased starting October 1.  Any membership bought on October 1, 2022 or later (up to September 30, 2023) is effective to the end of December 2023.

    Don't forget that you must also renew your PIckleball Alberta and Pickleball Canada memberships, and should do so before renewing your SAPC membership.  See the Join webpage at https://www.pickleballstalbert.ca/Join for more details.

    Until next time, keep your paddle up! 

  • 2022-08-10 14:41 | Anonymous

    In this issue:

     September "Fun" Tournament  Ladder/Shootout Play

    SAPC Fall Windup Tournament for Members Only

    We will be having a fun tournament for members only on Saturday,  September 10th (rainout day is September 11th).  The format will be a blind round robin (you will have a different partner for every game) followed by playoffs for top players in each pool.  The tournament will be posted on Pickleball Brackets on Monday, August 15th and the cost will be $10 per player (plus a processing fee of $1.91) which includes your entry fee as well as light lunch.  Tournament play will start at 8:30 am and go into mid afternoon so please do not register if you cannot commit for that time frame.  Below is the link that will take you directly to the tournament site:


    Ladder/Shootout Play

    Some of you have been asking how to register for our League play sessions (aka ladder play or shootouts).   Well, first of all, the period for those registrations has passed for this summer.   The League Manager has a waiting list and may allow a small intake of new registrants from that list as we experience declining attendance for these sessions in the late summer; should that occur, and you are on that list, no action needs to be taken as the Manager will reach out to you in order - just respond quickly if you are invited.

    Of course, we wish we could accommodate everyone's wishes all the time, but we have two main constraints: 

    • court space (which is currently determined by the City's decisions regarding allocated club time), and
    • volunteer capacity  
    Please don't hesitate to let us know how you would like to help with either constraint.

    Watch out for Newsletter updates regarding ladder play next spring when we announce the ladder play session(s) and open up registration for these sessions.  Once the maximum number of players is reached (there is always considerable demand), the registration is shut down so you must act quickly.  You should note that you are not committing to every play session for the summer, but we recommend that you only register if you plan to attend many or most of the sessions - otherwise you are taking up the slot of another member who may have interest in playing most or all sessions.

    Until next time, keep your paddle up!

  • 2022-07-20 15:45 | Anonymous

    In this issue:

     Tournaments  Shirt Sales
     Junior Jamboree    Instructor Certification Program
     Health & Safety Coordinator  


    June Fun Tournament

    The SAPC website has now been updated with pictures from the Club's June Fun tournament.  Please view those pictures here.

    July Sanctioned Tournament

    Thank you Ken and your team of volunteers for putting on a great tournament last weekend.  Thankfully the weather cooperated and everyone had a great time and some members even came away with medals.  Thank you to those folks who provided pastry and other food items throughout the tournament, for those who agreed to assist in set up and take down, those who refereed games and those who ran the software and assisted in organizing game play - it takes so much effort to run a tournament like this and all those members who volunteered or played in the tournament did St. Albert proud!

    For information on who medaled and to see pictures taken at the event over the course of the three days, please visit the SAPC Facebook Group pages (some of these pictures will eventually be posted on the SAPC website).

    Shirt Sales

    For those Members who purchased product, thank you for generously supporting the St. Albert Pickleball Club with your recent purchases of shirts and/or balls.   You may be interested to know that the Club sold:

    • 87 shirts of which 66 are t-shirts and 21 are polo shirts
    • 76 sets of pickleball balls of which 49 sets are Franklin outdoor balls, 17 sets of Onix outdoor balls, and 10 sets of Onix indoor balls

    Thanks again to Rosemary Pon and her sales team for all of their hard work in organizing shirt and ball sales, arranging for members to pick up their purchases, etc.  Your time and effort is very much appreciated!

    Junior Jamboree

    From: Brenda Feser, Director of Junior Pickleball, Pickleball Alberta

    Please be advised of the Junior Jamboree to be hosted on Saturday, August 20th in Red Deer.   

    The Jamboree Day will look like this:

    • 11:00 am Registration

    • Players will be assigned to a group leader

    • Round Robin games (or introduction for those who are new to PB)
    • Giveaways throughout the afternoon
    • BBQ
    • Concluding by 3:00 pm.
    Please note that Junior players ages 8-18 of any skill level (including beginners) are welcome to register whether they are a registered member of Pickleball Alberta or not.   Interested players should register at pickleballalberta.org .  Scroll down to Junior Jamboree and hit the REGISTER button.

    Instructor Certification Program

    Canada's National Pickleball Instructor Certification Program is returning to Alberta in August!   Alberta will once again be hosting two Instructor 1: Introducing Pickleball courses.  This is the first step on Pickleball Canada's coach education pathway (details below): 

    Monday August 15 - Red Deer, Alberta

    Location:  St. Joseph's High School (2700 67 Street), Red Deer, Alberta 

    Time: 9am - 5pm (plus 5:15pm - 8:15pm August 9th for virtual training)

    Cost: $269+tax 

    Tuesday August 16 - Cochrane, Alberta

    Location: Quigley Park 417 1 Street East, Cochrane, Alberta

    Time: 9am - 5pm (plus 5:15pm - 8:15pm on August 10 for virtual training)

    Cost: $269+tax

    To register for a course please go to tpacanada.com and click the white "Pickleball Coach Education" tile.  From there it is pretty straightforward to register for either course.

    Health & Safety Coordinator

    Please be advised that Leslie Macadam has stepped down as the Club's Health & Safety Coordinator.  Thanks Leslie for all the hard work that you have put into this role - it has been very much appreciated!

    The duties of this role include gathering materials for and preparing the first aid kits and then updating the supplies when needed.  First aid supplied must be procured for the kits and the cost of same is reimbursed by the Treasurer.  Kits are to be maintained at the indoor venues during winter indoor play and at the Alpine clubhouse during summer outdoor play.   This person needs to coordinate with Play Captains and the Equipment Manager, as well as conducting occasional visits to these venues, in order to understand when the safety kits need to be filled/updated.   Additional materials may be stored at the Coordinator's home and used for replenishment as required.

    If anyone is interest in this now vacant role, please respond to myself at communications@pickleballstalbert.ca  and I will put you in touch with the necessary person or persons to get you started.

    Until next time, keep your paddle up!

  • 2022-06-16 14:24 | Anonymous

    In this issue:

     Mentoring Session - Thank Yous  Watch the Calendar
     Rating Clinics - Weather Cancellations    Upcoming Instruction Clinics

    Mentoring Clinic a Success!

    We had 16 members out for a mentoring session on June 11th who were either rated 2.5 or had no rating.  The session was 2 hours long which was split into doing drills for the first 1 1/4 hours followed by some game play. We split the the participants into groups of 4 and had them cycle through 4 different courts learning a new drill on each court (serving, returning, dinking, volleys, forehand/backhand ground strokes). This was our first time doing mentoring session in this fashion and it went very well and lots of positive feedback was received from the participants.  Thanks go to Ken Dentzien for organizing and managing this mentoring session as well as to our very capable instructors for their time and dedication to support these new members; these instructors were - Jeanine & Art Au, Kelsey Hennig, John Abrahamson, Brad Hurshoway and Bill Moyes

    Watch the Calendar

    Just a reminder to members to check the calendar for Alpine before attending scheduled play sessions as occasional changes are made based upon playing patterns and volumes of folks playing at each session. 

    Please also be reminded that we do not have the courts on July 1st; you will note that those sessions have been removed in the Alpine Calendar.

    Finally, a volunteer thank you is scheduled for Saturday, June 18th which is why there is no scheduled play for that day.  If it rains on the 18th, the volunteer appreciation will take place on the 19th and the calendar will be changed if/when that decision is made.

    No Re-Booking of Cancelled Rating Clinics

    Please note that we are not re-booking the rating clinics that were cancelled due to the recent poor weather until such time as we get a new date from our raters (which likely will not be until September); for those impacted by this, you will have more time to hone your skills before the next rating clinics are scheduled.

    Upcoming Instruction Clinics

    You may be interested in the following upcoming instruction clinics in the region:

      1.        June 25th & July 2nd - Steve Deakin Pickleball 

        3.5+ Players 

        Instructor - Zach Brown

        Location - Pickleball Hub, 25 Chisholm Ave, St Albert

        Register at - www.stevedeakinpickleball.com

       2.       July 19th & 20th - Pickleball Paddles Canada

        3.0, 3.5 & 4.0+ Players

        Instructor - Charles Neufeldt & Krysti Maronski

        Location - Pickleheads Courts; 400 South Ave, Spruce Grove

        Register at -pickleballpaddlescanada.com 

    Until next time, keep your paddle up!

  • 2022-06-07 20:27 | Anonymous

    In this issue:

     Tournament - Thank Yous  Shirt and Ball Sales
     Member Profile Updates   Mentoring Session Openings

    Tournament - Thank Yous

    The amount of volunteer dedication and work needed to serve our members and facilitate a weekend of tournament play is phenomenal.  As such, we would like to publicly acknowledge the efforts of all those who organized, volunteered and played at the Summer Kick Off Tournament last weekend.  

    First of all thanks to Ken Dentzien our Tournament Manager for all of his hard work in organizing the tournament, securing and assigning volunteers, answering tournament related questions in the weeks leading up to the tournament and during the day of, and so much more - Ken, you're amazing!

    Special thanks also to James Porter who once again managed the technology for the tournament through Pickleball Brackets and did so masterfully and showed no signs of stress but rather a calm and pleasant demeanor throughout - great job James!

    Other notables (with apologies to those whom we've missed):

    Arlene - who spent two full days at the tournament helping out wherever needed and did not even play

    Jeanine and Karen - for doing a great job getting the snacks and lunch together.

    Karen - for her awesome announcing on Sunday - you kept us on track!

    All of the referees - for their exemplary job of reffing our playoff matches (better than we can say for the recent NHL games!)  

    It was a great weekend and everything ran smoothly.   Most importantly all the participants had a lot of fun! 

    Shirt and Ball Sales

    Thanks to Rosemary Pon and her team, the SAPC website now reflects all of the shirts and balls that are available to purchase.  Members, get your credit card ready and log into the web store!


    Check out the various style of shirts and selection of colors.    There is no limit on Club shirts…you are free to buy as many as you please - go crazy!

    As many of us are aware, the global supply chain issue has impacted the manufacturing, sales, transportation and delivery of all consumer goods. That being said, our vendor will try their best to fulfill our orders.  We need to recognize that the inventory of shirts changes daily and it may be out of their control if your choice of shirts is not available in your size or colour. 


    The Club is also selling a limited number of brand name pickleball balls to members at a great price that will be hard to beat, so why not buy a few new balls at a great price; please note that members will be limited to a maximum purchase of 3 packages of balls (3 balls per package).

    The deadline for ordering is June 24, 2022.  A Member can access the web store by following these steps:

    1. Use your user ID and password to login to the St. Albert Pickleball Club website

    2. Locate the tab for Members and click

    3. Click on Store and you will see the shirts and balls.

    4. Choose the shirt style, quantity and color that appeals to you

    5. Choose the type of balls you want and the quantity (as noted above there is a maximum of 3 packages of balls/member)

    6. Before electing to pay by credit card, apply your remaining store credit first if you should have one (to do so, please follow the steps as outlined in the Finance and Technology FAQ section under the Members tab)

    7. Enter checkout and then enter your credit card information to complete the purchase.

    This is a great time to buy a few new shirts and pickleball balls for yourself, your family, your friends and, perhaps, your colleagues.  If you are planning to fly south this winter or if you need some gifts for graduation, birthdays, or Christmas - consider purchasing our high quality Club logoed shirts and balls.  Everyone can wear the Club shirts with pride!

    It is our goal to have your purchases of Club logoed shirts and balls delivered to the Alpine Courts during the July Pickle Party Tournament.  You may pickup your purchases on the following dates and times:

    •  Friday, July 15 from Noon - 2 p.m.
    •  Saturday, July 16 from 9 a.m. - Noon.
    •  Sunday, July 17 from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

    The final date for purchased product pickup is scheduled for Friday, July 24 from 9 a.m. - 11 a.m.  We will notify you should there be any deviation from the pickup scheduled proposed.  Should you be unable to pick up your purchase at any of the above scheduled times, you can e-mail Rosemary Pon at mailto:rjpventures@msn.com  and provide a written consent to allow us to release your purchased order to a trusted family member, colleague or friend.  Upon presentation of a picture government ID, a Sales Team member will release your purchase to the authorized individual.

    Member Profile Updates

    If you have not done so recently, please log in to the SAPC website and update your profile information especially your contact information.   In trying to get hold of members, we have discovered a number of instances where member contact info was not up to date.  While you're there, make sure you update your volunteer interests as well.


    Please note that there are still spots open for the upcoming mentoring session on Saturday, June 11th from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm at Alpine Courts.  If you are a beginner and want to advance your skills and/or prepare yourself for a future rating clinic, this may be the opportunity for you!

    Until next time, keep your paddle up!

  • 2022-05-26 15:23 | Anonymous

    In this issue:

     Shirt and Ball Sales

     Questions - Pickleball Brackets

     Missing Balls 


    Shirt and Ball Sales 

    Once again, the Club is selling shirts and balls to members this summer.  Details can be found on the Club's website on the Home Page.  

    Sharon Sinclair, Yvette Webster and Ivy Mung displayed the club shirt at the Rating Clinics on May 7.   Several shirts of various colours and in two styles (t-shirt and polo) will be displayed at other events this summer and sold online.   Watch for upcoming news of these displays and sales. 

    Rosemary Pon's sales team will also be displaying balls for sale this summer.   The club will sell two different types of outdoor balls and one type of indoor ball - all online.   Each set of three balls will go for $12 plus GST - please note that in order to keep prices low, members will have to pick up their purchased balls at one of the times that will be advertised.

    When the sales start, these items will be available in the Store page of this website.   Members will have to log in to make their purchases, but note that these are not for members only.  Club-labelled shirts make great gifts for family and friends as they are of great quality and last "forever"!

    Once again, watch for updates on the Club website and visit the sales team when you seem them at Alpine this summer.

    Questions Regarding Ladder and Tournament Play

    As you have likely noticed, the Club is standardizing on the use of Pickleball Brackets for organizing and coordinating ladder and tournament play. 

    As we transition to these new systems, many members have experienced issues, have questions, want to make suggestions, etc.  Rather than send these to the Communications personnel at SAPC or to our Board members, we ask that you communicate directly within Pickleball Brackets.  Please just login to Pickleball Brackets and do the following:

    Ladder Play

    For ladder play (shootouts) for both women's and mixed play, click on Leagues and search for the SAPC League that you are enquiring about.  I would suggest that while using the Search feature that you choose Canada, Alberta and the keyword "Ladder"; click on the SAPC League that applies and on the next screen click on "Contact League".  A Request Form will pop up that will populate with your personal information such that you just need to choose your Contact Reason and then enter your question or comment in the "Comments" section.  Note: another way to navigate to the Contact League form is to go into "My League Schedule", click on the left hand (Date/Time ) side of the play session which takes you to session details, click on "Back to League" and then click on "Contact League".  Easy peasy, right?

    Tournament Play

    For tournament play click on Tournaments and search for the SAPC Tournament that you are enquiring about.  I would suggest that while using the Search feature that you choose Canada, Alberta and the keyword "SAPC"; click on the SAPC Tournament that applies and on the next screen click on "Contact Tourney".  A Request Form will pop up that will populate with your personal information such that you just need to choose your Contact Reason and then enter your question or comment in the "Comments" section.  Note: another way to navigate to the Contact Tourney form is to go into "My Tournaments", click on the appropriate tournament and then click on "Contact Tourney".  

    Missing Balls

    Please note that we are experiencing a problem with missing balls early into our outdoor season at Alpine.  As you are likely aware, our captains are responsible for tracking ball use and to ensure that all SAPC balls that are brought to each play session are accounted for at the end of that session.  All balls must be returned to the captain at the end of each play session including any balls that may have been damaged during play - DO NOT throw out those balls.  Despite these reconciliation procedures, our captains have noted four balls missing in the just last few days of play.  If you continue to play on after the scheduled completion of a club play session, please do so with your own ball(s) after returning any SAPC balls to the captain as soon as the bell is rung.  Our captains should not have to be chasing players nor conducting a scavenger hunt for balls at the end of each play session!

    Until next time, keep your paddle up!

  • 2022-05-05 10:01 | Anonymous

    In this issue:

     Tournament Registration Reminder

     Kindness to Captains

     Youth Membership Pricing 

     Rating Policy Changes

     Alpine Calendar Change


    Tournament Registration 

    Just a reminder that registration is now open for the following St. Albert tournaments:

    SAPC Summer Kickoff Tournament - June 4th to 5th; Members only

    SAPC Pickle Party Tournament - July 15th to 17th; Open, Sanctioned

    Registration for these tournaments is available on the Pickleball Brackets website and includes a small registration fee.  Once you have created/logged into your PB Brackets account, just click on Tournaments and, if necessary, use the Search filter (narrow by choosing Canada/Alberta) to find these SAPC tournaments.  Spots are filling up fast so act now!

    Kindness to Captains / Outdoor Play

    Please note that our captains have the right to cancel schedule club play due to inclement weather or wet courts.  The decision of the captain is final and should not, under any circumstances, lead to members treating the captain/co-captains with disrespect, nor challenging their decision which is made in good faith and for the health and safety of our members.

    Should a captain decide that play will be canceled due to poor court conditions (excessive water for example) or due to current or forecast rain, the captain will post that information on the Facebook page of the Club which is a private Facebook group for Club members.  If you are an active member of the Club and do not currently belong to that Facebook group you should seriously consider joining because that is where the cancellations will be posted.   If Club play is cancelled, members may choose to play (as public play with their own balls), but will do so at their own risk.  Once again, however, it is unfair and unacceptable to be rude to captains under any circumstances and certainly not because they have called a stop to play or stopped it before play starts.  You should know that on many occasions, our captains make the journey from all areas of St. Albert to check the conditions at Alpine in order to assist them in making a call on whether play can safely proceed.

    On another note, it is great to see our courts filling up as we all come out to play!   Kudos to the captains for a smooth roll out of our outdoor play sessions.   It is heartwarming to see our experienced volunteer captains taking the new captains under their wings and show them the procedures!  Way to go all of you and - THANK YOU!!

    Youth Membership Now More Attractive  

    Pickleball is becoming more popular across all age groups, and your club is pleased to do what it can to accommodate and encourage pickleball play among our youth.  These are our kids and grandkids -- the future of pickleball!   While we work on better policies to protect youth and try to get more courts and more court time in St. Albert to accommodate youth play, we are also moving on other fronts.   The latest is a reduction of our annual membership price for youth -- it is now only $10 per year

    Please note that youth members who already meet our skill rating qualifications can play in most of our organized play and in tournaments, along with adults, as long as they are accompanied by a pre-identified "Responsible Adult".   

    We encourage players of all ages in our community to enjoy this sport that we love!

    Rating Policy Changes 

    Historically, SAPC asked new members to provide information on their initial intake form regarding existing club ratings, tournament ratings, etc.   We have determined that this process is inefficient and requires updating as noted below.

    Furthermore, given that we have started to attract more members who are already members of other clubs, and many who have a Canadian Pickleball Tournament Rating (CPTR), those realties require that we rethink our past processes.

    Going forward, new members who want to have their SAPC club rating updated to reflect ratings from other clubs or their CPTR rating are required to send an email to rating@pickleballstalbert.ca detailing the request along with the required documentation for the change.  All of the details around using other club ratings is provided on our website at https://www.pickleballstalbert.ca/Skill-Levels-and-Ratings .

    A few items to note: 

    • The CPTR rating is only based on play in pickleball sanctioned events. This is different from the rating that Pickleball Brackets provides for all games that play on their platform.  Please review the latest email from Pickleball Canada for details on that nuance if you are interested.
    • SAPC has made the decision that a CPTR rating is only considered valid if the player has played 10 games or more (all sanctioned of course).  The rationale for this is that a player's rating can be skewed by the fact that the rating methodology begins with what can be a somewhat arbitrary self rating.  After 10 games, we believe, the results will have become more statistically valid and are a truer representation of a player's competency and skill level.

    • The St. Albert Club on Pickleball Brackets is not automatically connected with our membership system.  For club purposes, the https://www.pickleballstalbert.ca/ system is considered the system of record.  We attempt to keep the two environments updated, but old eyes sometimes fail; as such, patience is encouraged.  
    • Finally, if you are a recent new member to our club and have a current CPTR rating or outside rating, we encourage you to confirm your current rating on the club website under your current profile (see top right corner of the site) - https://www.pickleballstalbert.ca/Sys/Profile and follow through with the ratings team at the aforementioned e-mail address if adjustments are required.

    WhatsApp Groups to Facilitate Communication 

    Please be advised that the Club will be adopting a plan to improve communication amongst its members.   Lisa Mueller has agreed to take on the volunteer role of Social Media Coordinator for SAPC (welcome Lisa!!).  Lisa is already managing the Club's aforementioned Facebook Group including approving requests to join, approving and posting  materials/articles, etc.

    Beginning shortly, Lisa will be sending out invites to members to join WhatsApp groups that are specific to their rating level.  Accepting this invitation will be optional but is strongly encouraged as it will allow you to receive instant notification of important information specific to your rating group (eg. a cancelled play session).   If you do not already use WhatsApp you should be aware that it is a free app that can be downloaded in minutes on your smartphone (I-phone or Android).  Many SAPC members are already using WhatsApp for groups that they have created to coordinate play and communicate amongst each other so they are very familiar with this simple to use communication tool.

    Alpine Calendar Change 

    Please note that the Round Robin on Tuesday evening will be changed to 3.0+ so anyone rated 3.0, 3.5 4.0+ can come out to play.  

    Until next time, keep your paddle up!

  • 2022-04-25 14:13 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    In this issue:

     June Fun Tournament  Summer Shootout Registrations
     Referee Clinic   Sales Volunteers Needed (T-shirts)
     Summer Outdoor Play Schedule     

    June Fun Tournament

    Our club will be hosting a fun round robin tournament on the June 4/5th weekend.  Play will be mixed couples on Saturday and Men's and Women's doubles on Sunday.  We will be having a social on Saturday after play is done.  The format will be round robin and you can enter with a partner or, if you do not have one, enter without and you will be paired up. Cost will be $10 per person and registration will open April 29th on Pickleballbrackets.com at 6:00 pm.

    Summer Shootout Registrations

    Ladies Only 3.5 plus Shootout - For the first time, we will be having a ladies only shootout on Monday evenings at the Alpine Courts from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm.   Ladies will need to sign up on Pickleballbrackets.com under the league tab.   The cost will be $10/person for the whole season which is to recoup the costs charged by Pickleballbrackets.  Registration opens on April 29th at 6:00 pm.   Please read the notes on the site regarding sign up dates and times for each week.

    Mixed 3.5 plus Shootout - We will once again be having a mixed shootout Wednesday evenings at Alpine from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm.   You will need to sign up on Pickleballbrackets.com under the league tab.   Cost will be $10 for the whole season which is to recoup the costs charged by Pickleballbrackets. Registration opens on April 29th at 6:00 pm. Please read the notes on the site regarding sign up dates and times for each week.

    Referee Clinic  

    We will be hosting a pickleball referee clinic on June 11th from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.  There is no cost to take this clinic.  If you are interested in becoming a pickleball referee or would just like to learn the rules please contact Ken Dentzien at kendentzien@gmail.com to register for the clinic. There will be some reading material and a couple of online tests you will need to do before the clinic as well.

    Sales Coordinator / T-Shirt & Ball Sales

    Your club is pleased to bring back our very popular T-shirt  and ball sales this year.   Are you inclined to help out?  Would you like to volunteer for any of the following?

    1.    Join the sales team to:

    •  Staff a sales table to help with order decisions (i.e., selection of shirt sizes) and to dispense balls
    •  Distribute shirts

     2.    Lead the sales team as Sales Coordinator and:

    • Develop a vendor order for more of the gorgeous blue logoed  T-shirts
    •  Research and design a second, equally gorgeous, SAPC -   logo'd shirt, perhaps with a collar
    •  Plan the distribution and reconciliation of orders

    Most of this work is basically "once per year", though we could have a second round of ball sales this fall.  These are some of our easiest jobs in SAPC in terms of time commitment AND they give you an opportunity to connect again with old friends and make new ones.  Training is available for all positions, and actual sales (order taking and payment) will all be done online for the team.  If you are interested, please send an email to Ray at Treasurer@pickleballstalbert.ca using the subject line "Sales Team".

    Summer Play Schedule 

    The Summer play schedule has been finalized and is available for viewing on the SAPC Website.  The courts assigned to the club are 1-2-3-4-7-8-9-10-11-12 except on the weekends. 

    For new members you just go to the website and under Calendars you will find Outdoor Calendar .   Under that tab , you will find the Alpine Court Calendar.   If you click on the play time you are interested in joining,  it will state what courts have been assigned to that play session.   This is important to note, especially when the courts assigned to play are shared between levels.

    As always, please note that the Calendar will be fluid and may be adjusted based upon usage.  For example, we may begin with a time slot having ten courts assigned to 3.0 level play, but if we consistently only have 16 or so people showing up that would mean that six courts are not being used;  the schedule could then be changed to share those unused courts with  another rating level.

    As such, we recommend that you always check the calendar before going to the courts, especially in the months of May and June when most adjustments will be made.

    Until next time, keep your paddle up!

  • 2022-04-20 14:17 | Anonymous

    In this issue:

     Pickleball Canada Zoom Meeting  Sanctioned Tournament - July
     Outdoor Play   Player Safety 
     Red Willow Closure   Meet and Greet 

    Pickleball Canada Special Meeting

    As you may be aware from e-mails you have received from Pickleball Canada, there is an upcoming Special Meeting as follows:

    Date:  April 26, 2022      
    Time:  6:00 p.m. ET

    The SAPC Board strongly urges Members to read the materials associated with this meeting and to participate via Zoom if at all possible.  To review the meeting materials (Motions, etc.), click on Meeting Materials .

    In order to attend the virtual Special Meeting and be eligible to vote, PCO members must register in advance of the meeting by completing this form by tomorrow's  registration deadline of April 21, 2022.   Make sure your email address is correct as the ballots, voting instructions, etc. will be emailed to you.

    The Voting Instructions, Zoom link and password will be provided to registered members prior to the meeting.  In addition, registered voting members will be receiving a test voting ballot via email, 1 – 2 days prior to the meeting, from vote@simplyvoting.com.  Please be on the lookout for this message and participate in the test vote.  Check Spam/Junk if not received.

    Sanctioned Tournament - July 15th to 17th

    Our Club is hosting its first sanctioned tournament July 15th to July 17th.  The tournament is called the SAPC Pickle Party Tournament and registration opened on pickleballbrackets.com on April 1st and is filling up fast; so click on the above link and register if you haven't already - it will be lots of fun!

    Running a tournament involves a large group of volunteers to make the tournament a success.  If you are interested in volunteering and haven't done so already, please contact Ken Dentzien at kendentzien@gmail.com.  Some of the tasks we will need help with include, registration desk, scoring desk, snack table, set up and tear down, first aid, announcements, referees (we will be hosting a referee clinic), court maintenance, prizes and sponsorships. 

    As noted previously, these tournaments are a great way to meet and socialize with other Club Members and pickleball enthusiasts whom you may not have had contact with during your regular Club play.   From past experience, we can state with confidence that you will meet nice people, have tons of fun and good food and, maybe, even come home with a medal!

    Outdoor Play

    We know that many of you are anxious to play outdoors as soon as the weather cooperates.   As you may know, the outdoor courts at Alpine and Larose are already open and available for you to coordinate your own play at any time.   In terms of scheduled outdoor Club play, we are still waiting to have the Club's court usage assigned from the City of St. Albert.   Our plan is to have the schedule posted shortly so that we can start scheduled play on Sunday, May 1st - keep your fingers crossed.  As soon as the schedule is available we will be sending out an e-mail to advise all SAPC members. 

    By the way, we need more captains for outdoor play.  We still need captains for all levels so a team of at least two can be in place, but without more 3.0 captains or captains for "ALL" sessions, we will not be able to offer scheduled outdoor play times for members at these rating levels.   If you are willing to be a captain it would be very much appreciated by the Club and your fellow members.  Please express your interest by sending an e-mail to venuemanager@pickleballstalbert.ca .

    Player Safety 

    A couple of player safety items to note:

    1.   We want to remind members that the wearing of masks off the courts while playing inside is still recommended and should not be discouraged.

    2.   It is also recommended that members consider wearing safety eyewear while playing; we have had some recent incidents that have caused minor injuries, but believe it or not those little yellow balls can cause a lot of damage if you "take one in the face/head".

    Red Willow Closure 

    Please be advised that Red Willow Church is closed for registered Club play on April 25th and 26th as they will be using the gym to store furniture while they clean the carpets throughout the church. 

    Meet and Greet 

    Come join your pickleball friends at a “meet and greet" at the Crown and Tower pub in St. Albert on May 14th at 6:00 pm.  Plan to come for supper (and a beverage or two!) as the food is good and the company will even be better.   If you think pickleballers are fun on the court, you should see them at the local pub!

    If you are interested  please email Val Gartner at  garnet3@shaw.ca before May 7th so that she can makes reservations for our group.

    Until next time, keep your paddle up!

  • 2022-03-21 11:23 | Anonymous

    In this issue:

     Tournament Volunteers Needed   Other Volunteer Roles   Available
     Red Willow Registered Play -     Cancellations   Sticker Ordering for SAPC Play
     Outdoor Play - Membership Cards  

    Tournament Volunteers Needed

    As announced previously,

    Thanks to the work of your Board and Ken Dentzien, we have lined up some summer and fall Tournaments.   While these dates are still subject to change, we want to give our Members a heads up so that you may save these tentative dates in your calendars:

    SAPC Summer Fun Tournament - June 4th to 5th; Members only

    SAPC Pickle Party Tournament - July 15th to 17th; Open, Sanctioned

    SAPC Fall Fun Tournament - September 10th to 11th; Members only

    As noted above, our Club is hosting its first sanctioned tournament July 15th to July 17th.  Registration opens on pickleballbrackets.com on April 1 at 6:00pm. For those of you who have not set up a profile on pickleballbrackets please do so before the registration date as some events fill up very quickly. 

    Running a tournament involves a large group of volunteers to make the tournament a success.  If you are interested in volunteering please contact Ken Dentzien at kendentzien@gmail.com.  Some of the tasks we will need help with include, registration desk, scoring desk, snack table, set up and tear down, first aid, announcements, referees (we will be hosting a referee clinic), court maintenance, prizes and sponsorships. 

    Once again, these Tournaments are a great way to meet and socialize with other Club Members whom you may not have had contact with during your regular Club play.   From past experience, we can state with confidence that you will meet nice people, have tons of fun and good food and, maybe, even come home with a medal!

    Other Volunteer Roles Available

    Speaking of volunteering (for Club Tournaments), there are always many opportunities to volunteer at SAPC.

    In addition to volunteer roles for tournaments as noted above, we can always use some help in other areas including:

    •  Communications team

    •  Financial team
    •  Social team
    •  Captains for scheduled play 

    As noted in our last Newsletter, if you are interested in any of these please:

    • specify them in your membership profile, and
    • contact a club director,  manager or coordinator in your area of interest (these names can be found on our website on the Teams and Committees page under Members which you can access from this link).

    Some specific roles which are currently vacant include the following:

    Ombudsperson for Club Members.  This role involves getting involved in complaints or concerns raised by Members that cannot be resolved to the Member's satisfaction through normal processes.  While rare, there are circumstances where Members feel that their concerns are not appropriately addressed by contacting SAPC management/directors.  In those cases, if a Member wishes, they can bring their concerns to this Ombudsperson in order to evaluate their concerns, understand the response from SAPC management and try to mediate the process in order to result in a mutually agreeable resolution.

    A person who may have interest in this role should have superior social, communication and empathy skills with the ability to view a situation independently and provide innovative solutions for resolution.

    If you feel that you fit this role, please reach out to one of our Nominating Committee members being Kevin McClean kmcclean@telus.net ,Gerry Gartner gerrygartner@shaw.ca and our latest member (welcome to the team!!) Jenna McCully Jmccully23@gmail.com

    Facebook Coordinator for the Communications Team.  This role currently includes the following activities:

    • Admitting members to the Facebook (FB) group, after verifying their membership
    • Annually removing people from the Group if they haven't renewed their membership
    • Scanning posts to ensure compliance with club FB guidelines
    • Maintaining backup and successor resources

    If you like to socialize, are familiar with social media technology such as Facebook and Whatsapp and like to post messages and share information on such platforms, this role may be ideal for you so please contact the Communications Director at communications@pickleballstalbert.ca .

    Finally, if accounting/administration is your thing we also have a vacancy for the Financial Coordinator role which reports to our Treasurer.  Work on the finance team can be adjusted to suit the interests of the individuals on the team, but some experience with spreadsheets and/or bookkeeping are essential along with a keen interest in using computing technology.  An example of a small finance team job that could be quickly assigned is that of receiving all sign-in sticker sheets each month and entering values in a spreadsheet that the Club uses to track sticker use and help re-allocate underutilized play times.  If you have interest in this role, please  contact Ray Keroack at treasurer@pickleballstalbert.ca so that he can provide more specifics on the role, activities and time commitment.

    The success of our Club hinges on the volunteer activities of our Members and we are very thankful for all those who have volunteered in any capacity in the past and encourage others to volunteer in the future -  remember this is YOUR Club!

    Registration / Cancellation for Reserved Play

    When you register at Red Willow and the session is full you can decide to add your name on the waiting list.  If you do this, it is very important that you check your e-mails right up until the start of the event because a member can cancel at any time (try to avoid late cancellations as noted below).  If a member cancels, you will automatically receive an e-mail that you are now registered.  Therefore, if you don’t check your e-mails, you won’t realize that you are in the system and expected to play at Red Willow for that session.

    If you need to cancel from a registered session please do so as early as possible to allow time for the above process to take place and another interested Member to register for the session.   

    Follow the following instructions to Cancel your reserved play registration:

    • Log into the SAPC website.
    • Click on the event in the calendar. It will take you to the event description page.
    • On the left side the event description it will have the words in red "Already Registered". Click on this link.
    • On the next screen click on "Cancel Registration". You will get a pop up that will ask you, "Are you sure you want to cancel your registration?" Click on "Cancel Registration."

    You will receive an email confirming your cancelled registration.

    Some reservations may not be cancellable or may only be cancellable by emailing an administrator.   Please read the event description to learn of these possible exceptions.

    Ordering Stickers for Play

    Some Members have been asking about our sticker ordering process.  The main thing you should know is that it is prudent to order stickers while you still have a small supply left on hand - say enough to cover 1 to 2 weeks of play based upon your usual playing schedule/habits.

    While our website indicates that you should allow a three week window for the receipt of stickers you have ordered, Members usually receive the stickers within a week (or two at maximum) under normal circumstances.

    Despite numerous requests, we have determined that it is impractical to arrange for sticker pick up (our volunteer time is precious and in short supply).   While we understand that new Members are anxious to play once they have registered, we continue to ask for patience in receiving their first sticker order and then to utilize good planning to replenish their sticker supply thereafter.  While we don't recommend this, some Members may be willing to borrow or give another Member a sticker or two at a venue if you're "stuck", but there is no guarantee this will happen and we certainly wouldn't want Members to rely on such generosity.

    Upcoming Outdoor Play / Bring Membership Cards

    We know some of you may be getting anxious to play outdoors even though the snow still swirls.  We have no idea yet when the outdoor courts will open but we ask that you remain patient and stay tuned.  What you can do to get ready for the outdoor season is to print or download your 2022 SAPC membership card if you have not done so already.  That card must be generated from the Wild Apricot system on our website to indicate that you are a paid member for 2022.  Captains will be asking for this soon as some former Members still have not renewed.   Instructions to print your membership card are as follows:

    1.  Sign into the SAPC website and click on the head/shoulder icon at the top right corner of the screen.

    2.  Click on “View Profile”.

    3.  On the next screen you will see your membership card.

    4.  Follow the instructions below the card to print off a pdf copy of your card.

    Until next time, keep your paddle up!

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