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  1. Set up a DUPR account
  2. Join SAPC on DUPR
  1. Go to, then press Signup; or, from the same DUPR webpage, download the DUPR app to your device, open the app, and press Signup.
  2. At the "Claim Your Account" screen, enter your name and see if you already have a DUPR account; claim it if you do
  3. If you don't have a DUPR account, press Create an Account and fill in the player details
      a. be sure to use the same first and last name and email address as your SAPC membership email
      b. verify your email address by following the instructions in the email sent to you by DUPR
  1. Sign into your DUPR account and go to your "dashboard" page
  2. On your dashboard page (the one with your name at the top), scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and press the "My Clubs" button.
  3. Press the "Browse Clubs" button to search for clubs.
  4. Using the search filter bar, enter "St Albert"
  5. Select the St. Albert Pickleball Club and press the "Join Club" button.

  • Once you apply to Join SAPC on DUPR, please wait two days until an administrator verifies that you are a paid-up member of SAPC and manually admits you to the club on DUPR.

We have no preset time when each session will open for registration, and want to avoid the dreaded, automated "midnight" openings. All eligible members will be notified at the same time, via email, one to two weeks before each session. Registration will take place on a first come, first served basis.

No. You will likely get a provisional DUPR rating within two weeks of playing in your first session, but SAPC will not accept a DUPR rating as a club rating until it is non-provisional and at least 20 games are recorded in DUPR. It may take two or three SAPC DUPR play sessions to get in 20 games.

See the process on the Skill Levels and Ratings page to have your DUPR rating recognized as a club rating.

No, both are free. Of course, you must already have an SAPC membership via this website before an administrator will admit you to SAPC on DUPR.

  • One sticker if at Alpine Courts
  • Two stickers if at a school
  • Three stickers if at Red Willow Community Church

Players seeded by the Club to participate in these session (those with an existing DUPR score) will play for free.

Stickers must be purchased in advance. None will be sold at the play session.

Yes. SAPC will not lower club ratings unless you specifically ask for a lower rating. This applies even if you have a lower DUPR rating than your current club level, because we are grandfathering (extending) previous club ratings to alleviate fears about using DUPR and in recognition of the skill level already achieved and needed to earn that previous club rating.

We also know that a player's DUPR rating can fluctuate dramatically over the first few games played and that it takes many games for that rating to stabilize for each player, so it makes sense to extend current club ratings for some time.

The club's continued use of DUPR, and future decisions on club rating qualifications will depend, in part, on DUPR's continued development, acceptance and reliability.

  • Not if you don't want a club rating or higher club rating.
  • Not if you want to get a club rating another way, as described on the Skill Levels and Ratings page.
  • Yes, if you want to use a DUPR rating as a basis for a new or higher club rating.
  • Yes, if you want to play in any SAPC DUPR play sessions, perhaps to just find out what your DUPR rating would be, or just because DUPR play sessions have good competitive play.

Yes, but DUPR only accepts scores if all game players have DUPR accounts and if these other players verify the entered score. Please ensure all players agree to have that game’s scores entered into DUPR before the game starts.

No. Club play sessions will not be entered into DUPR unless the session is specifically designated as DUPR play. DUPR games tend to be competitive, like a tournament game, and some members do not want this for regular play.

Our first priority, in the spring of 2023, was to accommodate members who: (a) have no club rating and want at least a 3.0 rating to play in 3.0 sessions, or (b) want a higher club rating to play at higher levels. So our first few DUPR play sessions focussed on accommodating those folks, and only players with no club rating or with certain qualifying ratings recieved email invitations to these sessions.

In May 2023, SAPC also started some DUPR play shootout sessions at the 3.5 level to accommodate players who just want to establish a DUPR rating and/or have more competitive play.

The scheduling of future DUPR play at other levels will depend on member demand, available volunteers, and available court times.

No, in our system all wait lists are session specific.

A match in DUPR may be 1, 2 or 3 games, all played with the same partner and same opponents, on the same day. In SAPC DUPR play, we typically use a round robin format, so each match is only one game.


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