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Play and Member FAQ

Click on a question to reveal the answer. See also the FAQ under the Explore Joining menu.


In our Indoor and Outdoor calendars, you will see references like Open Play, Paddle Play, Round Robin, Kings and Queens, Ladders, Shootout, Reserved Play, and more. If there is no play type specified, the session is likely a Paddle Play session. Most of these play types are described in a document found on the Play Types page. Reserved play is explained on the Reserved Play page.

Click on the top level Play menu to see the play locations. Then click on a specific location to get a Google map and address.

Please read our member handbook.

For skills improvement, see the Development page and the sections under the Development menu.

To be club-rated, see the Skill Levels and Ratings page. To be tournament-rated, one must enter one or more tournaments sanctioned by Pickleball Canada or the USA Pickleball Association.


Yes, there are outdoor toilets located next to the outdoor courts, and there are indoor bathrooms at the gymnasiums. If you play in the early spring, before the court's official season opening, it is possible that the City won't have yet installed the outdoor toilets.

There should always be a first aid kit available at the courts during club organized play. If it is not there when you need it, contact the venue coordinator or the club's safety coordinator and report that it is not there. Current coordinators are listed in Teams and Committees under the Membership menu.

There may be an AED available at some indoor courts and the actual location is generally set for the season. The Club has an AED at Alpine courts.

If a player becomes injured, notify the venue captain if possible and administer first aid as needed. If there is an emergency, dial 911, state the nature of the problem, give your exact location (posted on the board or in the front jacket of the Captain’s book), your name, and your phone number.


Volunteers are the lifeblood of the St. Albert Pickleball Club, and are needed to continue almost all aspects of the club’s operations. Whether serving as a captain at a play session, volunteering to help at tournaments, setting up and taking down equipment at play sessions, organizing pot lucks, or even serving on the executive board, the club needs YOU. Please consider volunteering; without volunteers these events cannot take place.

In addition, the club holds monthly board meetings and a general membership meeting (AGM) once a year in the spring. All members are encouraged to attend the AGM, speak up, and vote on the important matters affecting the future direction of the club. Board elections also take place at the AGM; please consider standing for election.

As a member you will automatically be on the club's emailing list and will receive important information and important automated membership messages via email. The primary vehicle for communicating news to members is shifting though, from emails to this website. Check out the key news on the home page, and come back often to see the latest news blog on the News page.

Whether you are a new or longtime member of the St. Albert Pickleball Club, you are expected to know and practice the club’s Code of Conduct, as well as the safety protocols, pickleball rules, and club's courtesy and etiquette guidance described in the club’s Membership Handbook.

  1. Log in as a member at this website ( by clicking the head and shoulders icon in the top right corner of any webpage, and entering your email address and password.
  2. Select "Store" under the Members menu.
  3. At the Online Store page, click on the Indoor Venue Sticker Card. Note that $0.90 will be added to the price shown, bringing the total cost to $67 for an order of one sticker card.
  4. On the Indoor Venue Sticker Card page:
    1. Adjust the quantity
    2. Press Add to Cart
    3. Press View Cart
  5. At the Cart page, press Proceed to Checkout
  6. At the Confirmation page, press Continue
  7. At the Shipping page enter your shipping address and press Continue
  8. At the next page:
    1. enter any special shipping directions, if any, in the Comments box
    2. check "I'm not a robot"
    3. press Pay Online
  9. At the next page:
    1. enter your credit card details, ensuring the name, address and phone number match the information your credit card company has on file for this card
    2. press Pay $XX.XX (CAD). (If you cancel the order at this stage, the order will be retained on file until you pay for it online.)
    3. wait several seconds for payment confirmation
  10. The last screen should say Payment successful, and shows your invoice details. This information can also be viewed later at the Invoices and Payments link of your member profile. You will also get an immediate email confirmation of the order, another immediate email confirming the payment, and you will get a third email a few days later when your stickers have been mailed. (If you don't seem to be getting these emails, check your junk mail folder.)

The first step is to renew your membership with Pickleball Canada and Pickleball Alberta (and our club) at the Pickleball Canada site, if you haven't already done so. See the Pickleball Canada Membership FAQ for more info on that.

The second step is to renew your membership with our club on this website. Your membership expiry date is shown in your member profile. On October 1, which is three months before the December 31st membership expiry, a "Renew until ...(date)" button will appear on your membership profile. Press that button to initiate the renewal and payment process.

If your membership has been lapsed for some time, it should still be possible to login and renew your membership. If you forgot your password, press "Forgot password" on the log-in page to set a new one. If you still can't find or access your old membership, you can register as a new member, but you will need to know your Pickleball Canada membership number to do so.

A couple of automated renewal reminders will be emailed to you if you have not renewed before these emails are issued. You can also renew by pressing the Renew button within these emails. After renewing, you will get a renewal confirmation email.

Our club has implemented a membership directory. This directory is limited to members only. It allows members to find other members to connect with, say, to set up a play time, to arrange for a t-shirt sales pickup, to set up a new captain orientation, or to further a social connection. A member can choose, via their profile privacy settings, whether to be included in the directory at all. Members can also choose specifically what information to post in the directory.

Money Matters

Money collected from membership dues, drop-in fees, rating clinic fees, tournament fees, fundraisers, and donations are used to pay for rental of venues, equipment and balls, rating services, tournament expenses, social events, and the administrative requirements of running the club. Some money is also set aside for court maintenance and upgrades.

Profits from a membership year, if any, are retained and held as a capital reserve to attract and match future grants and develop future playing facilities.

The club also has liabilities, such as sold but unused sticker cards which are good for future member play, and keeps sufficient cash reserves to cover these liabilities and unforeseen contingencies.

No, it is not.


Yes, SAPC usually has a blitz in the late spring or early summer for club t-shirts. A notice will be sent out when orders are being accepted. Purchase orders and payments will be taken through the Store, under the Members menu, on this website. Several weeks later members will be able to pick up their shirts at one or more club-organized play events.

Generally, no, but if you have left an item behind, you may check with the captain of the event where the item was left, and you can check with the lost and found of the venue where you played. It helps to put your name on your paddle and your sticker card.


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