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Stuff to Know for Play at Alpine

2021-07-01 17:18 | Anonymous member

Alpine Hours

Please remember to relax a while upon awakening and holding back from attending at the courts too early.  Court hours are from 8:00am - 9:30 pm . It’s important that members adhere to these times. 

Print or Save a Membership Card

Please have your card available to show the Captain at play sessions. Our society has now advanced to the level of being able to produce wonderfully convenient digital snaps, or printed ( and eventually wrinkly) verification of your membership and rated level. Here’s how:We’re not checkin’ your glam photo.

Printing a membership card or Saving to a smartphone:

1. Log into www.pickleballstalberta.ca with your email and password (click "forgot password" if you forgot it.)

2. Click the icon of the head and shoulder (or arrow) in the top right corner and pick View profile.

3. Under the displayed membership card, click either "Printable PDF" or "Image optimized for smartphone" and follow the prompts to print or save the image.

Note: This is optional. If a user wants their picture printed or displayed on their membership card, before step 3 they would have to edit their profile and add an avatar (picture). We’re not rating your glam shots, just your name and rating level.

Scheduled Sessions

The schedule of play is posted on the calendar. Covid restrictions are now removed.

Members can enter and exit through the main gate, fun as that round- the-loop rodeo was.

Masks do not need to be worn but members can choose to wear masks.

Also, members can continue to sanitize the pickleballs if you wish, and since you may have buckets of stock to use up (darn Costco). 

Transition between Sessions

  • First session is 9:00-10:55.

At 10:55 the captain will ring a bell. Yes, that distinctively wondrous Cov..Cow..Captain’s signal bell.

The arriving players can sign in and get ready, while the previous folks assess their energy reserves for more play, or a prudent break.

  • Second session is 11:05-1:00
  • Third session 1:10-3:30 (Wednesdays and Fridays only)

Bags are no longer allowed to be hung on the fence.

All  PB bags must be placed on the ground (or, because your bag is ornately logo’d and adorned with cross-border tourney regalia, possibly you’ll affix it on an inventive tripod, that doesn’t trip or poke people).  The city is looking for a way to help solve this issue but until they do (with a sustainably engineered, minimal budget solution), members are not allowed to hang bags on the fence. You will be publicly shamed if you try.

Gates: Push, don’t Pull, unless..hmm you’re inside already

Remember, the gates are to be opened by pushing inwards , not, swinging them outwards into the pathway! Yes, they will do your bidding if you try to pull them in a rush to join a game, so-perhaps practice a few times while saying “In, not out..In, not out.”

Round Robin

For those who wish to play Round Robin, play starts at 6:00. You need to be on time (Defined as: a few minutes EARLY).

Players receive a number and they move through different games according to a timed schedule.

Levels of Play

Members can play down during the ALL levels sessions. 

The ALL sessions are great for partners who have different ratings and you want to play together.

Partners with different ratings may also possibly take advantage  of some sessions with a “+”, where multi-levels above can join.


Bicycles are not allowed in the walkway, nor in/on the courts. Even if it's an heirloom.

Yes, the current bike rack is now “hidden” behind the space-age acoustic dampening curtains. We’ve asked the city to move the bicycle rack to a different area where bikes can be visible.

Please bring a secure bicycle lock to ensure the safety of your bicycle.


The city has put one port-a- potty just outside the courts.  It’s a blue one.  Apparently there’s different colours out there. We're not picky, and are just happy to have one this year!



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